Business Analyst

  • Die Comparus GmbH ist eine Unternehmensberatung spezialisiert auf Banken und Finanzdienstleister. Wir haben einen festen Kundenstamm, der sich laufend erweitert. Wir sind stolz darauf, dass wir von unseren Kunden weiterempfohlen werden.

    Seit 2001 sind wir die Spezialisten für die Transformation von sensiblen Daten der Finanzindustrie. Wir verantworten komplexe Softwaremigrationen und beraten unsere Kunden in existenziellen Zukunftsfragen.

Business Analyst

Our Requirements:

  • High technical education.

  • Experience of work as analyst 1 year plus.

  • Experience of work with UML (graphic notation BPMN 2.0, Use case diagram, Class diagram, Activity diagram, Component diagram).

  • Experience of work with big sets of data.

  • Experience of work with Sparx Enterprise Architect or with other similar software.

  • The level of knowledge of English is Intermediate or higher.

  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills.

  • Good team player skills.

  • Ability and desire to work with English documentation.

  • Ability to briefly and clearly state own thoughts.

  • Experience of work with SQL and MS Excel.

  • Experience in domains of E-commerce and/or Finance.

  • Knowledge of prototyping tools.

We propose:

  • Enough work for all team players.

  • You can make your work interesting, we promote that.

  • Cutting-edge technologies are welcome in our team.

  • We will try to motivate you as much as we can if you need that.

  • We know, that you need a comfort to succseed, we will try to make you happy with your working place.

  • Friendly-professional atmosphere in a team, we like to work together.

  • There is no 9−18 schedule, unless it is adequate.

  • You can enjoy your vacation in the same way and amount as most of your friends.

  • When you are sick, we are sad with that and of course compensate it as working time.


  • Business processes developing and modeling.

  • Support of customer requests.

  • Self management to delivery the business profits in required time.

About project:

  • Project: the migration of mainframe world to java world.

  • Aim: migration of current in-house system of data processing to new technologies.

  • Customer: representatives of German financial branch.


  • Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Bewerbung!


    Bitte senden Sie Ihre Unterlagen an: Comparus GmbH, Clemens Lindenberg, Essener Straße 4, Haus D1, 22419 Hamburg, Tel. 040/41009070,,